Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas knitting recap

Whew. Now that all the gifts are opened and received, I can blog about them!

I knit three pairs of socks for Christmas - one for my brother, one for my mom, one for my dad. First up was my mom's pair. I knit these in the summertime.

FO: Mom's Christmas socks

(Rav details)

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK. (In fact, all the yarn for the socks is Swish DK.) I will always associate these socks with my Granddad, because I knit on them while hanging out in his hospital room this summer. I knit away on them while watching "Patton" and Westerns while he snoozed.

My mom really loves them - she posted a picture on Flickr this morning saying she wore them and said two things: 1. "These feel amazing!" 2. "I need to learn how to make these!" She is quickly growing bored with knitting scarves so I bet socks are soon on the horizon. :-)

FO: Josh's Christmas socks

(Rav details)

These were my brother's socks.

And these are my dad's socks:

FO: Dad's Christmas socks

(Rav details)

Please ignore the fact that one of my dad's socks is inside-out!

They each have size 13 feet, so DK socks were a great way to make the socks in no time flat.

Next up - hat and mittens for my brother's girlfriend, Megan.

FO: Megan's hat and mittens

I won't bother with the Rav link since they're just a basic ribbed hat and mittens with a 1x1 cuff and thumb gusset. I winged it and they turned out pretty nice, if I may say so myself. I bought the yarn for this (BMFA Icelandic) in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Hooray for using vacation yarn! It was about $30 for the skein, but I got the hat, two mittens and I'm going to get another hat out of what's left (for me!). So a good value, all in all. And the colors are lovely.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow with another FO post. I got a little carried away with my previous "end of 2009" wrap-up. I finished something after I posted that. Whoops!

Friday, December 25, 2009

2009: A Year in Knits

Merry Christmas, everyone! I've had this post in the works for a while and (now that Christmas gifts are given), I can share:

What I knit in 2009

By the numbers, here's what I knit in 2009:
13 pairs of socks (12 adult-sized, one baby-sized) (Also: seven for me, six for others)
six hats (five adult-sized, one baby-sized)
three shawlettes
two pairs of mittens/mitts
two scarves
two cowls
one baby sweater

I'm quite pleased with everything I knit this year. I have tallied my "mileage" at and I'm at 4.37 miles for the year. That is about 7,691 yards!

As for stashing - well, I made a dent in knitting down the sock yarn stash, until vacation came along. I think for the most part that I was mindful of my purchases - something I blogged about a year ago.

I accomplished two of my three knitting goals this year:

1. Knitting a lace shawl: I accomplished this with Ishbel.

2. Learning toe-up socks: Mostly done! I took a very fun class with Wendy Johnson a few months ago, where we learned toe-up cast-ons and how to turn a heel. I'm going to try to finish my first toe-up sock in the next few weeks - it's been on hiatus because of Christmas knitting.

I didn't get around to goal no. 3: knitting a sweater. (well, I knit a BSJ, but I had an adult-sized sweater in mind when I made that goal!) I think I'm more of an accessory knitter.

My knitting goals for 2010 include knitting at least 12 pairs of socks (one a month) and knitting a larger lace shawl.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry (week of) Christmas, y'all!

I'll be checking back in this weekend with a year-end knitting wrap-up post. Can't do it until my family opens their gifts, of course!

I'm still hard at work on the Mara shawl:

WIP: Mara shawl

I just have a few more rows to go, but with 500+ stitches on the needle, it's taking a while!

I knocked out a pair of tiny socks for a co-worker who's due in February:

FO: Baby socks

Each sock took less than 24 hours. So sweet! (They're made with the leftover Socks that Rock mediumweight in County Clare.)

Hope you're enjoying your holidays!

Friday, December 4, 2009

a non-update

Good morning! I'm still in Christmas-knitting land.

WIP: hat for my brother's girlfriend

This is a hat (since finished but not photographed) for my brother's girlfriend, Meg. It's knit out of BMFA Icelandic - a rather chunky single-ply yarn. I made the brim extra tall in the hopes of giving it extra warmth for winter in Ohio. The skein was enormous, so I'm hoping to get a pair wrist/arm warmers out of it, too. Or maybe mittens. I'm not sure I have it mittens in me - there's something rather soothing and not threatening about the idea of just knitting up a tube for wrist warmers.

Other than that, I've got about half a sock left and my Christmas knitting will be DONE. It will be a relief, but I remembered this week that my co-worker is due to have a baby in early February and I haven't started a gift for her. (I'm thinking of knitting a sock monkey toy.) And so it will begin again...