Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm back from Pittsburgh. In fact, I have been since Friday night, but I just haven't had a chance to blog about it.

I wish I could express how relieved I am that I was able to be there -- to see my granddad for myself, to see him smile and wink at me despite everything that is going on, to knit and watch Westerns and war movies with him and my dad in the silence, and especially to be there with my dad because I know this is quite a responsibility for him.

While I was there, we found out he has bladder cancer that has spread. It is likely a matter of time before the main tumor causes kidney failure and he passes away. He is being moved to a nursing home within a few days, which I know he's not happy about. He hasn't been eating much, and I wonder if he's willing himself to shut down at this point.

So that's that. I've been happily distracted since I got back from Pittsburgh, because my brother and his girlfriend are in Virginia Beach for the week on vacation. Seeing them is helping take my mind off things for now. I've spent lots of time with them. They and I (along with my boyfriend) took a little road trip Monday to the Eastern Shore. We stopped on the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel to check out the views -- we saw a fisherman reeling in a three-foot-long shark. So cool!

We also visited Kiptopeke State Park and hit up the little village of Cape Charles for some mini-golf and cold beverages. They have had good beach weather all week -- it's just been in the 90s. So hot! I visited the beach house Tuesday and today. I've been wearing SPF 50 and sitting in the shade most of the time -- when I wasn't in the pool. I avoided getting burned, but the freckles on my nose are a little more noticeable.

Tonight, Josh and I are going on a double-date with my brother (also a Josh, for those who don't know) and Megan. I can't wait. Having my boyfriend and brother in the same room is just awesome. They are so funny -- and they're really, really good at teasing me. Together.

my Joshes

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Things seem to move slower in summer ... the heat makes it hard for me to find the motivation to do as much. And now that I've finished my Project 365, I haven't been picking up my camera as frequently to document things.

I do have a few photos to show you, though.


Scenes at the Chesapeake Bay:

thousands of footprints

my umbrella

I'm being shifted into high gear right now, because my granddad (my dad's dad) is in the hospital after suffering a series of strokes yesterday. I'm heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a few days to visit him in the hospital -- and just be there for my dad. I'm packing lots of knitting and preparing myself for a granddad who will likely be very different. He's lost ability on his right side and he's having some trouble finding some words.

All things considered, we are very lucky to still have him with us. My dad wouldn't have been in town, except he happened to be taking my grandma (my mom's mom) back to Pittsburgh after an extended stay in Ohio. She was going to stay until this coming Saturday but plans changed. My dad made plans to visit my granddad, so he showed up at his house and heard him calling for help. Who knows how long he would've been stuck on the kitchen floor until someone found him -- or if he'd even be alive.

I have some knitting to show, but it will have to wait for another post.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

yarnie winners

We have our winners!

the winners!

Congrats to Irishgirlieknits and One Sheep! I have e-mailed both of you.

P.S. I put all names in a box and had my boyfriend pull two pieces of paper. As you can see, he gives the thumbs-up seal of approval to the drawing.

Josh, my blog contest assistant