Friday, September 12, 2008

off work!

Today's my only day off this week, and I'm spending it wisely - lunch with my aunt, drop-off at Salvation Army (seriously, these clothes have been in my trunk way too long), shopping for a dress for a wedding at Penn State in a few weeks (my first trip back since graduation three years ago!), and a stop at KnitWits for the ever elusive orange yarn for my friend Stephanie's cowl. This is the third shopping trip for her cowl! I bought some orange yarn but returned it - I didn't like the loud, variegated look of it, and I didn't think she would, either. I then brought some pinky purple Malabrigo, but I'm feeling regretful because it's not the color she wanted. But I'm not returning it ... maybe it will become a cowl for myself! I hope I can find *something* in the right shade of orange soon ...

I'm still hard at work on the jade cowl. It's about 5 inches deep right now. I'm using US 7 needles, but I'm getting some intense laddering between the needles. The metal needles are really frakking heavy. I think I might go down a needle size on the next cowl I make.

Oh yeah ... I ran this morning - just 1.5 miles or so. It was about 85 degrees and kind of humid. I don't recommend drinking two glasses of milk before running, though, just to satisfy a craving. Oof.

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  1. Are you using Knit Picks dpns? Those are pretty heavy--maybe it would be easier to use bamboo dpns to avoid laddering?

    I want to make a cowl now! =)