Saturday, December 13, 2008

wide awake

163/365: wide awake

This photo is a couple days old but it fits my mood perfectly. I have been lying down for an hour but my mind is racing - about finishing my brother's Ohio State mittens (which are nowhere near being done) and starting a cowl or scarf for my co-worker, B. Right now I am oh so enamored with this Monkey cowl on Ravelry. But maybe I want to make an Old Shale cowl. Oh, the choices!! I hope to pin this down before I head to Ohio in six days - I can't really work on my brother's mittens around him (or my dad, since he got the same in blue/gold), and I don't want to bring the scarf-y project and realize I'm working on really wrong-sized needles.

But anyhow ... I have two FOs to show. My family exchanges ornaments every year, and I bought some for my parents, but I couldn't find a good one for my brother. So I made one!

FO: ornament for my brother

I knit it in less than a day (and almost less than one episode of "The Biggest Loser." ha.) out of Koigu scraps. Maybe next year, I'll make some for my Mom and Dad. I'm thinking of colorwork itty-bitty stockings...

Also, my dad's mittens are finished.

FO: Pittens

Click the pic for yarn-y details. I'm really pleased with them. They softened up great in a bath of water and V05 shampoo (I have some wool wash but can't find it right now!). I wish I could master the jogless join for striping colors, though.

And, of course, I've been busy loving my new camera. Mostly I'm taking pictures of Gracie and FOs I can't show because the recipients read this blog. But that's OK! Since I can't sleep, I'm going to work on a post to save for publication after Christmas.

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