Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: A year in knitting

2010: A year in knits

This year, I knit a total of 23 things:
16 pairs of socks (15 pair adult-sized, 1 baby-sized) (9 for me, 7 gifts)
5 hats (3 adult-sized, 2 infant-sized) (2 for me, 3 gifts)
2 little shawls (both gifts)

All of this means ... I met my knitting goals for this year! I wanted to knit 12 pairs of socks, and I most definitely topped that. I also wanted to make a shawl for my grandma, and I did that.

It'd be hard for me to pick a favorite thing I knitted this year, but I'd have to go with grandma's shawl or maybe these socks for myself. They're just so cheerful.

Overall, I knit fewer things than I did in 2009, but my output this year was more of what I love: socks!

My only knitting goal for 2011 is to knit more socks than I did last year. I better get crackin' -- I have several pairs on the needles already!

Happy knitting, friends.

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  1. such a great year in yarn! i hope to catch SockFever again sometime. the stash of sock yarn is way too big now. :o)