Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roger That

It's my second blog post in a week ... what is going on here?!

I have yet another FO to share ... some socks for me.

FO: Roger socks

Rav link

I started these way back in September -- it took me four months to knit the first one and about two and a half to knit the second. (I'm normally a pretty monogamous knitter, but my work on this second sock was interspersed with all the socks for my dad during his cancer surgery + other projects.)

These are knit in the Roger pattern from Anne Hanson. If ever you need a clear, concise, lovely, easy knitting pattern, Anne is your woman. She has patterns that cover a range of skill levels and techniques. I like socks with unisex patterns and easy-to-digest charts (this pattern is only a mix of knit and purl stitches), and I'm looking forward to knitting another pair of Roger socks. (But next up in my queue of patterned socks is her Gridiron pattern.) My only mod was starting Roger from the toe-up; I followed the chart as-is.

The yarn is (takes a breath) Scarlet Fleece It's Tubular x2. Kind of a long name. It's a local (Virginia) yarn company! The colorway is Pacific and these socks took about 90% of a skein. It is a really lofty, woolly yarn -- I almost can't believe there is nylon in it! It feels rather rustic and squishy but I have a feeling it will hold up quite well.

I have only two projects on the needles right now. The mate to this sock:

bus knittin'

This is a progress shot from a few weeks ago on the bus home from D.C., but it's finished now. This is some Autumn House Yarns Strideaway Twist sock yarn, purchased at MDS&W last year. It is lovely and rather thin, so I'm knitting it on US 1 needles. The mate is just past the toe, so it'll be a while until I post about these being finished.

My current knitting priority is a pair of socks for my brother. I visited a new yarn store in Virginia Beach this week to purchase some cable needles. The Yarn Club is a lovely shop. I managed to avoid buying any MadelineTosh, but a skein of Wisdom Yarns Endurance sock yarn was purchased as it is gray, black and red and made me think of Ohio State colors. So I cast on for a pair of socks for my brother, whose birthday is in a few weeks, and hope to ship those off to him in time for his April 8 birthday. The last pair of socks I knit him took MORE THAN TWO YEARS. Unacceptable!

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