Sunday, July 31, 2011

recent socks

Ahem, let's pretend I didn't take off the past two months from blogging ... instead, I'll show you what I've been up to, knitting-wise! This post is all about the socks ...

First up is a pair of 2x2 rib socks I last blogged about in March ...

FO: Montego Bay socks

This is yarn I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year -- Autumn House Farms Strideaway Twist sock yarn in colorway Montego Bay. It's really lovely yarn, just awfully thin. I knit these on size 1 needles and I think they'll wear like iron!

These next socks were for a friend as a pick-me-up gift.

FO: Lauren's socks

The yarn is Socks that Rock mediumweight in the colorway Paula Mae A Night at the Show. (BOY does this yarn knit up fast.)

I knit a pair of baby-sized socks out of the leftovers, for a friend who gave birth to a baby girl about a month ago.

FO: Bella's socks

Don'tcha love how different they look even though it's the same yarn?

Next up is another pair for me -- my first picot-cuffed socks:

FO: Green Picots

This is STR lightweight in a rare gem. It's funny, I think one sock looks like it has more purple than the other! I can't wait to wear these when the weather turns cool again.

Next up -- some socks for my dad!

FO: Dad's Father's Day socks

This is Lion Brand Sock-Ease in colorway Toffee. As it turned out, the color looks lot like honeybees, and my dad started bee-keeping this year, so they were extra appropriate! (On a side note, my dad had some bloodwork done this week and found out he is still cancer-free, six months since his surgery, so we are all so happy!)

Next up -- some tweedy socks for me:

FO: Tweedy socks

This is yarn I got on my trip to Missouri last year with my mama. It is Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Sock Donegal in a colorway unique to the store where I bought it (Simply Fibers in Springfield, Mo.).

And finally, the piece de resistance ... knee-highs for myself!

FO: Tour de France knee-highs

I took these on as a Tour de France project. I know spinners have the Tour de Fleece, where they try to spin a certain goal during the 24-day bicycle race. But since I don't spin, I wanted a knitting challenge. I've had this hand-dyed, DK-weight yarn marinating in my stash since the fall (when I purchased it at Knitting Addiction in the Outer Banks) and this was the perfect time to take on the knee-highs. The first one was knit in all of a week -- same goes for the second. I finished with about 10 days to spare in the Tour!

back of the sock

They were knit from the toe-up. Since I wasn't using my usual 64-stitch sock, I needed to find a new number formula to do the gusset increases + heel turn. This site was super, super helpful. I mirrored calf increases along the center back of the sock.

I don't know when I'll wear 'em -- it is rarely cold around here -- but I'm sure I'll find a time!

More detailed info about all these projects can be found (as always) on my Rav page.

I'll be back in a couple days (seriously) with a post about other recent FOs -- I've been knitting more than socks lately!


  1. Hooray for Dad! Great socks, those little ones are adorable. I'm glad we're past only pastels for babies. That tweed yarn is gorgeous.

  2. wow, you are just the Sock Queen this year!!

  3. It's a sock-a-palooza!! they all look awesome.