Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 in knitting

Hi, y'all!

I thought I had blogged my year in knitting, but a quick check told me that nope, 'twasn't the case. I blame it on my new job (a promotion to assistant copy desk chief! Yay!), which is keeping me busier these days.

Without further ado ...

2011 in knitting

Plus a pair of socks I finished after I made the mosaic but before the end of the year:

FO: Handspun socks of joy

That is:
24 pairs of socks (15 for others, nine for me)
10 hats (nine for others, one for me)
1 baby sweater (duh)
1 ornament (gift)

I didn't realize I knit quite so many hats this year!

My only knitting goals for 2012 are to:
a) Finish my February Lady Sweater. I haven't blogged about it, but I've been on Weight Watchers since April and I've lost 56 pounds. I am so eager to see myself in my first handmade sweater!
b) Knit more for myself. I always say this and then I make a zillion pairs of socks for other people. Well, some of my socks are starting to wear out, so I need to make some more for myself!

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