Wednesday, October 17, 2007

obligatory progress post

progress on Mom's Steeler socks

Aaaand Sassenach featured them on WOYNW! I am thrilled. These socks have been around. The first one met the Harlot and toured D.C. and Charleston. And the second one might attend Judy's wedding on a ship Saturday (a former co-worker who knits will be there, and I want to show her my progress from garter stitch!).

I don't know whether I love the gusset or am slightly annoyed by it. On the upside, it feels like a shortcut to the foot, because by the time the gusset's done, you've only got a few inches of foot to go. Then again, it goes slower than the rest of the foot because there are more stitches ... I just can't commit to the gusset right now. I *do* know that my favorite part is the heel - it goes by so quickly yet looks really impressive. I was watching "Forrest Gump" at my friend's apartment in D.C. when I turned the first heel ... after the scene was over, I showed her roommate the heel and she was amazed! I'm hoping I can finish the pair this weekend. I got a couple placemats at Kohl's last week to make sock blockers from them.

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