Friday, October 19, 2007

Wow! My previous post was my 100th. Hard for me to believe. =) I've been at this about 10 months, which is pretty good for me in terms of Internet commitment.

It's been a busy day off - I ended up staying with my cousins for about three hours this afternoon - but I did find time to knit a few rounds of the gusset on my mom's second sock while I was there. I made *two* trips to the grocery store (I sometimes go a week without a visit, so this is a big deal); I decided in between trips that I wanted to make Italian wedding soup instead of chicken noodle soup, so spinach and acini de pepe had to be purchased. I got the recipe from a co-worker who totally makes it like all the soup I miss so much from western Pennsylvania, all garlicky and spinachy and ridiculously tasty.

Oh and I saw "Helvetica" tonight. It was pretty cool - I loved some of the metaphors that type designers and others trotted out. I felt like it dragged in spots, though. I went with Josh and a couple friends from work ... it would figure that five minutes later, another designer, the editor of the paper and his wife walked in. We all sat together. We were a rowdy row, it was fun. Unfortunately I lost my debit card - I've never had that happen before.

With all my running around today, I wanted tomorrow to be a go-nowhere day. However, tomorrow kicks off the Norfolk Public Library's used book sale. I found some gems last year and I've been excited for future sales since. So tomorrow ... making wedding soup, knitting and buying books. Should be grand. =)

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