Sunday, January 13, 2008

a wee update

I finished my dad's sock:

one down, one to go

It took about 14 days to make - my fastest sock ever, actually. I'm going to mail it tomorrow to make sure it fits, then ask him to mail it back, and cast on for the second. Whew! All that for a pair of socks.

I picked up this sock afterward and it feels soooo slow. I'm working back and forth on a heel flap that never ends!

Two non-knitting updates of the consumer variety.
I paid my first visit to a Bloom grocery store Thursday. It was really nice! Very clean layout - and a clean store. They've got fun, quirky signs on displays and the employees wear tags that say "My name is JOE. Ask me about HUNTING." I decided my tag would say "Ask me about KNITTING" (of course). Unfortunately there's only a handful of Blooms in Hampton Roads, none really close to me. However this one is right next to the running path I frequent on my long runs, so it might become a weekly visit.

Also ... I went for a massage at a really nice place on Friday. I was looking to get one as a treat, because I'm halfway distance-wise to the half marathon (I had a good seven-miler Thursday), but I didn't want to pay $65 for an hourlong massage at the place within walking distance from my apartment. So I somehow stumbled across Zen Massage Center on the net; it advertised a $39.95 hourlong massage. Score! I figured it was a decent amount of money, but if for some reason it was awful, I'd learn my lesson that some things are worth more. Well it was really nice. The massage therapist was really nice and did a great job. The table was heated, and it totally relaxed me. I think I might have to treat myself to one after the half marathon in March!


  1. Massages are always a nice treat. Keep up the great job on your training.

  2. That new sock is so pretty - I'd forgotten what it looked like! The blue in the yarn is positively brilliant!