Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well ... I'm finally getting around to making a note of my resolutions for this year. First, a quick look back at 2007. I had three resolutions - become a stronger runner by running a half marathon, set a budget/focus on erasing credit card debt, and become more adventurous at crochet.

I'd say I met 2.5 of the goals. I ran the half marathon and went to the gym a LOT in 2007 (but ... kind of slacked, as I will mention in a few paragraphs). I became a lot more adventurous in my yarny pursuits, avidly pursuing knitting - including picking up sock knitting. As for the financial stuff ... I didn't come close to erasing credit card debt - that's not going to happen for a while, but I made a consistent effort to pay down my lone credit card by paying at least twice a month, and I really watched my money a lot in 2007.

This year, my goals include:

--running year-round, not just until March (when the Shamrock Half Marathon occurs). Last year I got burned out after the half marathon and just stopped working out for a while - probably a couple months. I put on some weight to show for it, which is really disappointing, because it slows you down to run with more weight and I can't afford to get much slower! (Plus there's the whole vanity side of it.) So, yes, keeping up with running year round, and, if I can't bear running in the summer's heat, then re-join the Norfolk fitness center (for a whopping $10/month! Take that, $52/month YMCA.)

--paying more attention to my body when it comes to eating healthfully, getting enough sleep, etc.

--watching my spending habits, saving more money and paying down credit card debt. I'm putting at least 10% of every paycheck in my savings account. I contribute a large amount to my 401(k). And I have become much better at living on a budget.

With this in mind, I have decided to give myself some guidelines for buying yarn. (Please try not to notice that there are more yarn guidelines than there are resolutions.)

1. No trips to LYSes in Hampton Roads. For any reason, including DPN replacement. Truth be told, I prefer the cheapie Silvalumes at than bamboo needles.

2. No buying knitting books unless they are on sale or I have a coupon (I'm not really worried about meeting this one - I rarely buy knitting books, even with my two-book binge after Christmas, haha.)

3. I must finish knitting a pair of socks before I am allowed to even consider buying yarn for another pair of socks. For example: I am working on a sock for my dad. When I finish this sock and the second sock, I am 'allowed' to, when the opportunity presents itself, buy enough sock yarn for another pair of socks.

And when *would* that opportunity present itself if I'm not allowed in LYSes?
--I'm going to Columbus to visit my family in February. Perchance we will visit a yarn store or two when I'm there.
--I'm heading to Maryland in May to visit a friend and go to Maryland Sheep & Wool together. If I set aside money for those occasions well in advance, well, then I can shop knowing that I worked hard to save in advance for those very occasions.
--I do plan on allowing myself a wee treat from BMFA for my birthday.

4. If I somehow decide I am brave enough to cast on for a sweater, I will wait until I find sale yarn at WEBS or KnitPicks. This isn't to plump up my stash ... this is I'm-so-eager-I'm-going-to-cast-on-the-minute-the-darn-box-arrives knitting I'm talking about.

OK ... enough blabbing about resolutions. Time to get some rest ahead of a nice, long run tomorrow. I'm aiming for seven miles!

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  1. Great goals! Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up about MD Sheep & father lives less than 1 hour from there so I think I will be heading up for it, too. Maybe we can meet up to say hello! Until then, enjoy this crazy hot/cold weather...and keep running. =)