Tuesday, January 2, 2007

those pesky resolutions

I recall only one of my resolutions from 2006, and it was the one I kept. Fancy that. In late December 2005, I quit the YMCA, feeling stretched thin (ha! ironic pun) by the $52/month membership. I made it my resolution to get in shape without a gym membership, soI unenthusiastically turned to running - something I had hated throughout high school (I was always the slow one during basketball drills). I stuck with it, and I think it's safe to say I became a runner. I ran at least four 5Ks, starting with an autism awareness 5K in May, as well as an 8K (late September) and a 10K (Thanksgiving Day).

With the above in mind, here are my goals for the coming year:
1. Become a stronger runner ... by running a half marathon. I've had this goal in the back of my mind for the past few months, and it's a resolution I plan on knocking off early on. On New Year's Eve, I registered for the Shamrock Half Marathon - it's March 18. I took a few weeks off from running last month, but I'm back in the swing of things now. I know that training is what will prepare me, but I'm hoping that cycling and elliptical training at the Norfolk Fitness Center will be a nice addition to my weekly mileage.
2. Be smarter financially ... by setting a budget (that includes saving) and focusing on erasing credit card debt. I'm in average-to-good financial shape, I'd say. I've got a good credit rating, I have no trouble paying my bills. Heck, I have a 401(k). I paid off two credit cards in the past few weeks - it was a great feeling. But for a large part of 2006, I wasn't so wise. I ran up credit cards when I shouldn't have, and now I've got a hulking balance. I know I won't resolve my credit card debt in 2007, but I plan on making it much more manageable.
3. Be more adventurous with crochet. Whether it's choosing projects I am afraid of (hats ... clothing ... knitting in general), or picking yarn I wouldn't normally work with, I want to improve and grow more confident.

That's it. Neither fanfare nor reflections on 2006 will be blogged (except to say that, for me, it was a very good year).

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