Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, tomorrow's the second part of the distance series - the 15K (9.3 miles). The first part didn't go so well: I felt like it was a really bad race. I ran it in 1:19:00 (12:45/mile). My goal for tomorrow is to run in less than two hours (12:55/mile). That's an awful lot of leeway, but it's a very reachable goal.

I'm trying to keep in mind that I'm more prepared this time:
1. I've run the course, so I'm slightly familiar with it. Knowing where I am means everything to me. Last time, I kept thinking "Am I there yet?"
2. I know the scope of the hills.
3. I've trained on hills once a week for three weeks (1 minute-2 minute repeats, seven or eight times with minutelong running/walking breaks).
4. I don't have heinous PMS like I did three weeks ago.
5. I won't make any poor clothing choices (a la last Saturday). I've got running tights.
6. The forecast is great, though - it should be about 45 as the race starts.

I'll try to keep all these things in mind tomorrow morning when I need a pep talk.

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