Friday, February 2, 2007

various thoughts

--I ran 10 miles today! I saw only three people in nearly three hours on the trails. It makes me want to switch my long runs to weekdays because I love being there by myself. I judge myself less when I'm all alone. It was rainy and muddy once I reached the visitors' center, and I had to take it a little slow, but I did six miles on the icky trails before my final two on the paved trail. I'm feeling sore, but good. I've got my feet up on the couch and I'm watching last night's "Letterman" - it was 25 years since he started with late-night TV, and Bill Murray's in a tux with a top hat. hee.

--The apartment smells divine ... I'm using the crock-pot as we speak!! I'm making an eye of the round roast with potatoes/carrots/celery. I'm hoping the vegetables stay not-mushy on the "warm" setting while I wait for Josh to get here.

-- I haven't posted about Saturday's race ... it went pretty well. The first six miles were very smooth; the last three were rougher. I ran the first hill completely, the other three halfway (followed by walking). I'm even looking forward to Friday's 10-mile run.

OK, nothin' else to say for now. Time to cuddle with my puppy.

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