Friday, February 23, 2007

growing a proverbial pair

I am never one of those people who stands up to a stranger in public. You know the inconsiderate person who blocks the entire aisle with their cart while wandering out of sight? I either wait or politely push it aside three inches so I can squeeze through.

But in light of last night's episode of "The Office" with a new, honest Pam, well, I guess I was inspired today. I ate lunch at Panera during the noon rush and was at the front of the line when the bakery cashier called me over. As I approached the register, an old woman at the end of the line (which was closer to the bakery register) stepped over, saw me approaching from my rightful place in line, decided to disregard me and go ahead with her order. I interrupted her firmly and said, "I'm sorry, I was at the front of the line. I'm next to order." She gave me a dirty look, but I ignored it. Instead of getting back in line like she should have, she stood off to the side and waited for me to be done. Not my problem anymore.

Then I went to Wal-Mart. With my cart full of things like a drum of detergent and 900 rolls of toilet paper, I got in line behind a woman whose cart was nearly empty. I put the divider bar at the very back of the conveyer belt, waited for space to open up, and started unloading my groceries. I guess the woman in front of me had a few things left in her cart, because she started handing things out of it to the cashier as my purchases scooted to the front. The woman turned to me and (rather condescendingly) said, "Well, you could have waited for me to be done!" I retorted, "Actually, I did wait and put the divider bar at the very back of the belt. You had the entire thing available when I got in line." I guess I put her in her place because she turned around again without a word.

If anyone dare whisper through "Volver" tonight, they best prepare for an ass-kicking.

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