Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm smiling in this picture because I just saw my parents and Josh.

2:55:39 was my chip time (when I crossed the start till when I crossed the finish). 3:02:something was my gun time (from when they began the race to when I crossed it. I was several thousand people - and about seven minutes - back). I beat my goal of finishing in less than three hours.

I couldn't get over the spectacle of it all. I know it's one of the Beach's two big running events (R&R being the other), and thousands are there, but the sheer size of it was awesome. From the fighter jets flying over head during the National Anthem, to spectators handing out beer after mile 9 (I couldn't stomach the thought during OR after), to having a fellow runner recognize me from six months of races ... it was all so much to take in. I loved it, even though I only realized the enormity of it at mile 7. Like, really? I have to run six more miles?

I'm already thinking ahead to the Fleet Week Half, since I'll be out of town for R&R.

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