Wednesday, March 14, 2007

is it summer yet?

This weather is a tease. Today was for my favorite floaty skirt, bare legs, high heels. Walking Gracie at 2 a.m. in shorts and a T-shirt.

I'm ready to not sleep in so that I can run five miles before it's 80. I'm ready to sleep in and make noon trips to the Oceanfront (but knowing never to go on a Saturday or Sunday because of tourist traffic on 264). Knowing to go to the secret beach instead of the Oceanfront. Back porches with doors open and going to work with a sunburn. All-you-can-eat crabs on the back porch of a smelly seafood dive (and trading away my crabs' mustardy parts for big claws). Festivals galore. Margaritas and sunsets on a glider at Ocean View Fishing Pier.

Tomorrow should be another nice taste of it. High of 79. Lauren and I are going to the secret beach before it's back to reality: dermatologist appointment, kiddie crochet class and (of course) work.

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