Tuesday, March 27, 2007


--it's in the mid-70s and humid, so I decided to skip a run and go to the gym. I get to the gym and realize I left my card at home. So I come home, and I can't find it. It's only $5 to replace a card, so the $5 would have been a much better solution than coming home and tearing my room apart. D'oh.

--I've come up with some things I really need to get accomplished in the next few days, while I'm living all by my lonesome again. I need to clean my room and get rid of at least a garbage bag's worth of clothes (I do this at least three times a year yet it's never enough. And I've bought fewer clothes in the past year than I did through college. What gives?). It's always good to clean before you go on a trip - makes coming home a little nicer, I think. And a co-worker needs me to make a baby blanket for her nanny, who is pregnant. It's a good excuse to go yarn shopping - I don't count it as breaking my yarn diet because it's for someone else.

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