Friday, March 23, 2007

Gracie loves the spring

I just went for a 1.5-miler around West Ghent with Gracie ... man is it gorgeous out! It's about 70; there's a slight breeze to cool you off when you're too hot. Perfect. I came back and I've had to refill Gracie's water bowl twice. She is panting quite happily. Seeing her happy little face is incentive enough to commit to taking her out in a big way at least four days a week, be it out for a run, or to the dog park, or to First Landing, or for a nice, long leisurely walk so she can chase birds and squirrels. Oh, and I'm glad I don't feed her wet food - I don't have to worry about this rat-poisoned dog food recall.

Today I'm headed to the beach with Lauren and Nick (again). I'm going to do a big shop at G.W., catch up on lots of TV and I'm hoping Josh and I can go out to dinner at my favorite pizza place in Chesapeake. A perfect day off!

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