Friday, March 30, 2007

ahhh, a day off work

Not even dropping my lone metal 6.00mm crochet hook behind the stove can make today anything less than lovely. (It took me 20 minutes of trying to MacGyver together a broom-wall contraption to retrieve it to just give up and move the stove completely out of the way and squishing myself back there to get it. I discovered a lot of dust and some old pasta. Ick.)

Today has been lovely because:
a) I slept in.
b) I went on a run with Gracie, during which an old woman driving her Mercedes nearly ran off the road while trying to gawk at my dog's adorableness. I know this only because she was doing that head tilt/making that aww" shape with her mouth.
c) I walked around my neighborhood and took pictures.
d) I got goodies at the Wal and gave myself a pedicure.
e) I am watching a really cute movie about Ireland.
f) I am slow-cooking pork for 20 hours to make BBQ. I got some Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey sauce, but I don't like it as much as the original. It does have a kick to it, though. Josh is coming over for a really late dinner in a little bit.
g) I started a new blanket, for a co-worker's nanny. It's a shell-stitch pattern, really pretty. And really soft, with this yarn.

Time to get back to it, in fact.

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