Tuesday, April 3, 2007

almost time for ohio!

It is about 75 today. I went for a run, I plan on running to AC Moore (to buy crochet hooks in teensy sizes for my Tofutsies socks, which I hope to begin in airports) and I might swing by the beach for a little sun, if my eyes stop itching. Work, medicine, work!!

Forty eight hours from now, I will be on my way to Columbus, where it isn't expected to get above 39 on Thursday. And it may rain/snow. I'm seriously debating bringing a winter coat.

I can't wait for my trip. I told (Texas) Josh last night, I've been saying since my brother graduated from high school in summer 2003, I wanted to visit (brother) Josh at Ohio State. I went up in the summer with my parents once, but that was it. Never on my own. Now I am a Grown Up with a Job, and I am excited to go to Ohio and be a College Kid again (read: getting drunk at Mad Mex and eating at Chipotle and getting Gumby's and basically gaining 10 pounds in a weekend).

Time to eat a sammitch and be on my way.

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