Friday, April 13, 2007

sick sick sick

I am sick again. It's even worse than before my trip to Ohio (which was very fun, by the way ... I just haven't felt the need to blog about it). My ears are clogged, my throat is scratchy, my voice is mannish (especially in the morning), and worst of all, my nose will not stop running. It makes sleeping very difficult - I want to tilt my head up to breath easier, but then my nose runs. So I need to find a perfect balance. It's tricky. Now my nose is raw and I've gone through about 39042 tissues.

I figured I'd try an outing to the grocery store and AC Moore as a test-run for work tonight. I felt delirious on the interstate heading there and came home exhausted, but at least I had food and some yummy yarn (at right). I took a really nice almost-two-hours-long nap from which I woke about 40 minutes ago, but I could go back to bed right now. Being sick is horrible, but at least you have an excuse to sleep all the time.

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