Monday, April 30, 2007

method No. 253 to know whether you have PMS

1. You're reading one of your favorite sites, and this post makes you catch in your throat a little bit: this guy's hamster, which had been featured on CuteOverload, has died. How tragic!!

2. You scoot over to his site, and you see pictures of his red eyes, a little poem he wrote to his hamster, and even pictures of the burial. This doesn't gross you out, it just makes you even more sad.

3. You follow his link to the tearjerker Rainbow Bridge poem, as told in a Flash presentation. (You probably haven't read this in a few years, when your most recent pet died.)

4. You sit at your computer and sob at the corny graphics and think about the tragedy of losing a pet.

Not that this happened to me. I'm just saying, you know you have PMS if this chain of events were to happen to you.

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