Thursday, March 8, 2007


I haven't forgotten about this wee blog. In no particular order, here's what I've been up to.

--I bought MegaMillion tickets, which was well worth the $2 if only because we spent lots of time at work dreaming of how we'd spend it. I'd buy a swank house (probably one of those big old ones down by the Hague), a condo on a beach and the Virginia Beach Chili's for starters. My mom's idea topped that - build a house connected to a brand-new Chili's. She's a smart one. Anyway, it was a moot point because the two winning tickets were sold in Jersey and Georgia. Oh well. Next time those 1 in 176 million odds are MINE.

--Computer time has been pretty minimal lately - Gracie has been a very bad dog lately, with several accidents on my bed (both sneaky and not-so-much-so while I was sleeping beside her). I've been cleaning my bed and changing sheets like a maniac, and, when I let her loose on the bed while I'm on my computer, I'm constantly turning around to make sure she's not peeing somewhere.

--I finished my basketweave scarf! I really love that pattern. It's soothingly repetitive. Now that I have the FPdc/BPdc down, I'm working on a baby blanket with a slight variation. Anyway, here's the scarf: finished basketweave scarf (As an aside, people didn't recognize me today at work because of the straight hair. It was pretty funny, and very sweet, because everyone kept complimenting it.)

--Running, kind of half-heartedly the past two weeks ... I hate to admit it but I'm losing steam for Shamrock. I just want it to get here so that I can a) see my parents and b) stop being such a slave to a running schedule. I know I'll be excited the day of, but I just want it to get here already. I really like swimming laps and biking at the gym. I don't want to give up running completely, because it's so great and it works you like nothing else, I just want to do it without a race goal in sight. I really love 5Ks and I want to keep doing those. (As a side note, a co-worker e-mailed me and several other runner-types today, asking if we'd want to do the Dismal Swamp Stomp, but I'm not sure that even its cool name could compel me to do a second half marathon a month after my first. Plus, I'll be going to Ohio State the weekend before, and do I really want to tax myself in two opposite ends of the spectrum (drinking vs. running) six days apart??? I don't think so.)

-- I saw Jonny Lang in concert for the fifth time and took lots of pictures.

--Lots of work, lots of boyfriend time, and generally feeling tired the past few days. I'm hoping tonight will solve that.

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