Thursday, July 24, 2008

on stash

Lately I've been feeling kind of guilty about the size of my stash and the money I spend on yarn. I don't know what triggered it - just a general feeling of feeling like it's an overconsumption on my part. I think I'd feel better about it if I knitted more frequently - it takes me a month or two to make a pair of socks, for example, and at that steady rate, I'd be knitting socks for the next three to six years - and that's a best-case scenario! Lord knows I never finish a pair in two months ... and that doesn't even take into account my non-sock stash. And the rate at which I replenish the stash!

With this in mind, though, I went through my stash with a very critical eye, and I listed even more yarn on my Ravelry trade/sell page. So far I've sold yarn for three pairs of socks. It makes me feel better, I think, to go through my stash and realize that maybe I bought something that's just not right for me and will be a better fit with someone else.

A few days ago, though, I had a conversation with my mom about knitting, and she said ever so happily, "Wow, you're really getting like me with quilting!" (in reference to my yarn collection). It immediately made me feel better - and it's not because my mom's fabric stash exceeds my yarn stash (sorry, Mom!). I need to learn it's OK to have yarn that I won't knit for years. It's not going anywhere.

I also reminded myself that I don't spend money on many other luxuries. I only shop for clothes when it's absolutely necessary (and when I do, it's gotta be on sale). I get my hair cut at a cheap salon every three to six months. The only thing I can honestly say I spend too much money on is eating out - and that's a factor of my dating status and work schedule (I'm sorry but I just can't eat Lean Cuisine five nights a week for dinner!).

Could I do a better job at spending/saving money? Of course. I pay my bills on time (always more than the minimum), but I could be putting even more toward my credit cards/student loans. Maybe this is a good reminder to re-evaluate my income and see where I could do a better job overall.

The bottom line is - knitting is about my personal happiness (just like when my mom would retreat to her sewing room when I was a kid). Few things make me happier than sticks and string.

I have another philosophical post in me about knitting stress, but it will have to wait for another time. In the meantime, here are my lastest stash enhancements.

Vesper Sock Yarn

This is Vesper Sock Yarn in Shout Out Loud - the July offering for the Vesper Sock Club. I love the crazy bright colors! This is a variegated yarn, not the striping kind she normally dyes.

I did an order at Simply Socks and it came today:

Online SuperSocke 100

Online SuperSocke Afrika in a self-patterning yarn. It was less than $7 on clearance, woohoo!

Noro Silk Garden Sock

Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, swoon. So beautiful.

I have an order at Amazon on its way here - it has a little scale in it for weighing yarn, so I'll be able to better judge how tall I can make socks! (Yes I know, making them toe-up would help solve that problem.)


  1. You know I don't knit and a stash to me refers to something a bit... umm... wel.. illicit.

  2. I so understand how you feel. I haven't bought any sock yarn at all this year just so I could get rid of my stash. I'm getting there. :)

  3. Darling girl, your yarn is your business and no one else's. And I'm so glad i made that comment to you without knowing ahead of time that you had been feeling like that. You probably would have assumed i was trying to "buck you up" and make you feel less guilty. Everyone has their own hobbies, likes & dislikes. For me it's fabric (and yarn to a much less extent), for Dad it's books and trains, and for you it's yarn. And Gracie, sort of. These are not bad things to have in your life. You owe yourself no apologies!

    Love Mom

  4. Oh, STR :) I absolutely know how you can get obsessed with one pair. . . I did too! It's a good thing it's not readily available on the East Coast or I'd be in trouble!!