Friday, July 4, 2008

what am I thinking? and good/bad of the week

I've joined Project 365 at Flickr. (That and the 365 group for crafty peeps.)

1/365:  taking the plunge

Here's my week in play-by-play form.

Work has been a breeze.
The good: A holiday falls on my day off work. I got a shift to work on a whole project that will appear in Sunday's paper.
The bad: My week included a day where my insides decided to hate me and I had to miss work Wednesday.

I got my hair cut for the first time since September.
The good: It looks nice. And the stylist blow-dried it straight.
The bad: The stylist got to me 40 minutes past my appointment time. She saw me knitting a baby bib and thought I was pregnant (after I told her it was for a friend - it wasn't an uninitiated pregnancy assumption. Her English isn't so hot). She got hit in the eye with a spray bottle after shampooing my hair, making me think I was going to get a lopsided, one-eye-viewed haircut. She abandoned me in mid-blow drying to take the foil out of someone else's hair. Argh.

me on the pier

Josh and I went out to dinner.
The good:
We didn't go to one of the four places we always eat. It was a local fishing pier's bar - we had nice seats, it was breezy, it was sunset.
The bad: Service at this restaurant (at a local fishing pier) was slooooow. And they put beef on our nachos when we ordered chicken. And they gave Josh hush puppies when he ordered fries (this was OK with him, though, as he enjoyed the hush puppies). My margarita was way too girly.
The worst: It was wayyy too pricey.

My cousin was in the hospital with bleeding on his brain after a nasty fall.
The good: Bottom line, he's going to be OK. (He was at a hospital about five blocks from my apartment so it was very easy to go there.)
The bad: The serious injury (obviously).

So yes, the fourth of July is on my day off work - and Josh has the day off, too! We're grilling steaks on the George Foreman, having corn on the cob and roasted potatoes. YUM.

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  1. The wave photo is sooo cool. Doesn't life feel just like that sometimes, too?! Your hair looks great! Happy 4th!!!