Friday, August 15, 2008

proof that I've been knitting

sweater in progress

A sweater in progress, whee! And ... a finished sock:

30/365:  a finished sock

I also have some stash enhancement, from a Socks that Rock order. I had planned on buying some of the retiring colorways, but after I added and deleted and re-added, none of them ended up in my cart.

Mustang Sally in lightweight:

Socks that Rock Lightweight, Mustang Sally

Dutch Canyon in lightweight:

Socks that Rock Lightweight, Dutch Canyon

And Oregon Red Clover Honey in mediumweight:

Sock that Rock Mediumweight, Oregon Red Clover Honey

I really must get cracking on Christmas knits ... currently on the needles is the mate to my Fire on the Mountain sock and the sweater. Knitting has slowed, I've been going to the gym and wasting time on the computer and, most of all, I've been been in a funk. Things are topsy-turvy at work and lots of people I really respect are leaving. It's really bumming me out. In fact, I'm headed out the door now to bid some farewell over bevvies.

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