Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a visit - and some running news

Sorry I've been AWOL, I was playing hostess to my brother this weekend! I bought him a plane ticket a few months back as a little present for the craptastic year he's had. But it's getting better - he just moved to a new apartment in Columbus, he's single, and he's making a big change (joining the National Guard in a few weeks). And of course he spent nearly every day here at the beach.

And he tried blue crabs:

Josh, about to eat some crabs

I took a little video of the bay:

We took a day trip to Baltimore for an Orioles-Yankees game.

Josh and me

It was really fun - just a long, hot day. The game went on foreeever - it was 8-7 when we left in the middle of the seventh inning!

Now that he's back in Ohio, I returned to work where I've had a few busy days thanks to the Democratic National Convention. And tomorrow is my weekend again, thank goodness. I've got a lot to catch up on around the house.

And best of all, I made a not-so-triumphant return to running. Yesterday I did 2.2 miles and it was tough, but invigorating. I've got to get back to it, weather or no, because I've registered for two 5Ks - one on Sept. 26 and one on Oct. 18. The October race is the Race for the Cure, and I'm organizing a team from the newsroom again. I'm looking forward to both of 'em.

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