Monday, March 2, 2009

a WIP and an FO

It's cold 'round these parts lately - we even have some snow on the ground! (It's a dusting, but that's pretty huge in coastal Virginia.) I've been pretty much housebound the past few days, thanks to my weekend + an ill-timed cold + rain for 48 hours straight. It's made for some good knitting times, that's for sure, and I have an FO to show off:

241/365: fastest cowl ever

Yarn: Socks that Rock mediumweight in Sapphire (all but 15g)
Time: About three days, start to finish
Pattern: Cast on 108, knit a few rounds of garter-stitch, stockinette for miles, and end with garter stitch

I've dubbed this the "Aunt Tax Cowl," so named because it's a gift for one of my lovely aunts who generously does my taxes each year (and she refers to herself as "Aunt Tax" in e-mails). I have given her a Target gift card in the past, but this year, I was inspired/motivated enough to knit something. I hope she likes it! She lives in southwest PA so she might still get some use out of it this winter.

I also picked up my Clapotis, which I cast on about a month ago while in Georgia at my brother's graduation from basic training. The increase section seemed to take a while, but now I'm on the straight parts and I'm flying - I finished three repeats yesterday.

WIP: Clapotis

I'd love to finish/block it by my trip to New York in three and a half weeks, but that might be pushing it.


  1. Your clapotis is so gorgeous! I love the way they look but after knitting about the first 1/3rd of one it becomes a bit like pulling teeth to me. That hasn't stopped me from putting at least 4 of them on the needles. The cowl is great, too! I absolutely love the Sapphire colorway.

  2. Love love love the "Aunt Tax Cowl"! I want to make one! I just got my first skein of STR "Love" for Valentine's Day...hmmm...that just might make a nice cowl! BTW, what size needles did you use? And did you use 16" circ?