Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a new pair of socks

Hi, blogworld. I'm excited to show off the second pair of socks I've knitted for myself.

FO: ribbed socks

These are knit in Prism Merino Mia in the Tahoe colorway: US 2.5 needles made them really fly by (the first was knit in a two weeks, the second ... a bit, ahem, longer. Like a-month-and-two-weeks longer.) They're really soft and squishy, and I hope they hold up well with no nylon ... we shall see.

Of course, now that it's 90 degrees out, I have no need for wool socks! But I'm bringing them with me to Ohio for scuttling around my parents' new house. I am finally going to get to stay in their brand-new house, which they moved into in mid-January. I'm headed there this weekend to run a half marathon Saturday morning, which I'm very excited about, and to see them and my grandma (who is visiting from Pittsburgh) and see my mom's play and generally be an only child for just a couple nights.

I'll be taking this sock on the plane with me:

WIP: Cockamamie socks

It's STR mediumweight in Cockamamie. Since I took the photo, I've switched to from ribbing to stockinette and it's continued the crazy flashing. I'm just going with it - it's kind of crazy and out there but I'm digging it.

I won't be taking any time off work for a loooong while after this - I planned ahead to see how much I'd accrue by October, and I'm planning on taking off a week so Josh and I can go on vacation. He is pushing for Europe, I am pushing for Portland and Seattle. We shall see how the chips fall ... I love planning vacations!

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  1. I LOVE the Prism socks. I hadn't heard of that yarn before you posted awhile back on this pair. They look great and I can't wait to try out the yarn for myself.

    I feel you on the Pacific Northwest thing. I usually go to Europe for my summer vacation but I'm kind of sick of it. I'm really gunning for an Alaskan cruise this year with a bit of a stay in Seattle either before or after. I love it up there.