Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a blast in Ohio. I was there for less than 72 hours but it felt like I was there for a week. Perhaps because I spent all day Friday knitting and ended up with a sock?

FO: Cockamamie sock

STR mediumweight in Cockamamie, basic ribbed sock

I'm already past the heel of the second sock. I really love the fabric of STR mediumweight on US 2 needles.

I've also cast on for what I'm hoping will be my first shawl, Ishbel.

yarn for Ishbel

Yarn is what else but STR (Mustang Sally, lightweight).

I thought the cast-on was kind of tricky, and I'm not quite sure I did it right, but I'm just going with it.

Yesterday was my return to running after the Capital City Half Marathon last Saturday. I woke up early and ran 2.3 miles before going to the beach with my pal Steph.

Oh yeah, and as for how the race went, I'm disappointed because I didn't push myself as much as I'd have liked. I didn't feel as strong as I did six weeks ago at the Shamrock Half Marathon, and I know that's because I wasn't able to complete my long runs (thanks to my two untimely falls). But I know I'm going to focus on improving my speed this summer, despite the mugginess that's to come. No excuses for me this summer.

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  1. Ishbel will look wonderful in Mustang Sally! I'm using some of that colorway for a shawl right now and am loving it.