Wednesday, May 13, 2009

almost my weekend!

Today is my Friday, and I'm really looking forward to having the next two days off. You wouldn't think I'd be so desperate for a weekend, because I just had four days off to go to Ohio, and, a few days later, a three-day weekend (thanks to a furlough day). But I am. I've been keeping my mornings busy with running and errands and dates with friends - I went to the beach Sunday, to a new Trader Joe's on Monday, and had a great run yesterday. I like having busy mornings because they feel more productive, but today rolled around and I just didn't want to do anything. I took Gracie on a nice walk and decided to go for a run, but I ran maybe half a mile and just wasn't feeling it. No motivation. (And I was hungry, since I hadn't eaten breakfast and set out a little before noon on my run. No wonder I was ravenous.) So I made the choice to come home and do a little stretching instead. I'm slowly learning to be OK with skipping runs in favor of something else ... like knitting on Ishbel!

312/365: copout SP

I'm totally digging the colorway. I'm flying along on the stockinette section and I'm hopeful I don't run into too many hiccups on the lace part - hoping to get to that point tomorrow. I've got another trip to the beach planned with friends, a pizza party at work and knit night. Fun stuff!

I'll leave you with a pic of my herb garden. A few weeks ago, I had just transferred the plants to flower boxes and they looked rather floppy. But check out the basil now:


Grow, baby, grow!


  1. The basil looks great! Is that Rosemary in the other container? You'll want to eventually put it in a BIG's actually an evergreen and will survive the winters here. Mine is HUGE. It's really nice to have fresh rosemary in barley soup in the winter. Yummm yummm!

  2. Hey, you're a winner! Send me your mailing address pronto:)