Thursday, June 25, 2009

BSJ fun

After a long hiatus from baby knits, I'm back at one. My co-worker Luis and his wife are expecting a baby in September, and they're being old school and not finding out the baby's gender in advance. Another co-worker and I are planning a co-ed baby shower to let more guys from work come. We're avoiding cheesy games (like wrapping toilet paper around the mom-to-be's tummy) but looking for good ones, like bringing baby pictures and having to guess who's who. I decided to make my first Baby Surprise Jacket since I've got a month to knit the thing.

I dug out this lovely skein of STR lightweight in Marbles that I won in a contest over at Irishgirlieknits ...

secret knitting

and immediately cast on. It makes a great BSJ, but I was a little worried about the colors. The reddish-pink could look awfully pink, and what if the baby's a boy?

Help, Flickr!

So I consulted co-workers (since the dad-to-be is back in Spain for a few weeks, I could openly run around with the project at the office!), Flickr peeps and my mama. I *want* to think that the world is cool with baby boys wearing a titch of pink, but I just don't know how the recipients would feel about the thing. I set the whole thing aside to finish later and went back to my sock yarn stash. This guy was sitting on top:

revision for BSJ plans

Why hadn't I noticed it before? The perfect baby green! Onward ...

EDIT: Almost forgot - you can still enter my yarn contest!

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  1. Have fun with the BSJ...I've made three of them now and wouldn't turn down more in the future. Am actually considering a grown up version of the BSJ for me!