Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a sock-ish update

I whipped through my socks-in-progress while I was in Ohio visiting my family ... and on the spur of the moment decided my mom should receive them!

Here is a link to her shot. My photo didn't turn out so well, as you can see:

mother-daughter socks

I brought some "emergency sock yarn" with me, and I'm glad that I did, because I knit much of the foot of this sock in the airport and on planes:

WIP: Marbles sock

STR lightweight in Marbles
US 1 needles
toe-up stockinette

I acquired this yarn from Irishgirlieknits' contest and it's so pretty! Continuing the spirit of giving socks away, these will go to my BFF - I gave her a pair a couple years ago. She texts me all the time to tell me the socks are keeping her feet warm on a school ice-skating trip, or that it's raining, her boots have a hole, and these are keeping her feet warm and dry. She loves pink so I think she'll love these.

I adore Socks that Rock (as the five pairs of socks I've knit from it show) but I'm starting to realize in hindsight, I should have made more purchases in Mediumweight rather than Lightweight. The 360-yard put-up in LW doesn't make for very tall socks when you're knitting for size 10 and 11 feet (which my mom, the BFF and I all have). Ah well. I will just knit shorter socks is all!


  1. Awww! I think your picture is great! In fact, I saw it on Ravelry in a thread and had the thought then that it was a really cute shot. I love your Marbles socks, too. I was on a bit of a sock hiatus but now am getting really inspired again by all the colors and patterns.

  2. So pretty!!! And so thoughtful to give them to your BFF too!