Monday, March 29, 2010

a knitted hug

FO: In the Land of Oz shawlette

"A knitted hug" is how I described this little shawl in the card I wrote to the recipient of this shawl. She's a dear, and she was there for me as I was losing my granddad to kidney cancer last year, and now her grandma is going through the same thing. Just as I knit baby stuff with good intentions for the wee one, I knit this shawl with thoughts of peace and healing for L and her grandma through this tough time.

FO: In the Land of Oz shawlette

Yarn: Neighborhood Fibre Co. Studio Sock
Colorway: Randle Circle
Used: About two-thirds of a skein
Pattern: In the Land of Oz
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FO: In the Land of Oz shawlette

I can't say enough good things about this pattern. It is a truly easy lace pattern. You knit lace only every fourth row, and you can always tell where you are on each repeat. I love that kind of intuitive pattern. I'll definitely be knitting this again - maybe in a bigger version!

I plan on giving this to my friend today, if she's back at work. I have a feeling she went to Iowa for the weekend to be with her grandma.

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  1. What a beautiful gift, and being thought of with love in stressful times is another wonderful gift. I believe as you do, that our handiwork carries our spirit with it as it goes to those we care for.