Thursday, April 1, 2010

There are few things in life I enjoy more than giving handknits to good people. Yesterday was one of those days!

I gave my friend L the shawl I blogged about a few days ago. Turns out, when I tried to deliver it over the weekend, she was in Iowa for the funeral. Her grandma died last Wednesday. She really, really loved it. And we both totally cried as we talked about it.

It's uncanny how similar our experiences were - both slowly losing a grandparent to kidney cancer, both right before a trip to the Pacific Northwest. (She and I have a little joke going about how she and her boyfriend are doing a very similar trip to the one Josh and I took in October.)

In other news, my pup Gracie seems to be over a stomach bug, thank goodness. She has had an upset tummy since the weekend, but after a visit to the vet and many, many, many 3 a.m. trips outside, she seems to be doing better!


I've been pretty sleep-deprived this week with all the middle-of-the-night dog walks, and I made the executive decision while falling asleep in the shower yesterday that I would go to Maryland Sheep + Wool this year. I'm only four hours away, I wouldn't have to take any time off work for it, and I've been really good about socking money away the past few months. A couple of my local knitty girls have a pull-out couch in their room, and voila! All of a sudden I'm going to the festival. I am super, super excited. I went two years ago and had a wonderful time so I am really, really excited to go again!

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  1. This pup? TOO DOGGON cute!!!! Glad she's feeling better!