Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sheep & Wool goodies

In my last post, I talked about the people. This post is about the yarny spoils.

Sheep & Wool haul 2010

It was pretty crowded early Saturday at the booths I wanted to check out (Cloverhill Yarn Shop and The Fold), so I hunted elsewhere and came back when they were quieter.

My first purchase was a skein of Yummy sock from Miss Babs -- Chocolate Roses (bottom left). (I'm thinking about a pair of Monkeys with it.)

I got the pretty purple and blue sock yarn (second row, first pic) at Autumn House Farm's booth.

After that, I wandered off on my own to check out Cloverhill and fell down. Very hard. I got the two skeins of handspun at top as well as the bright cheery yellow Wullenstudio sock yarn.

After that, I dove into The Fold and got the other three skeins you see - all mediumweight. Quinault Canopy (the minty green), Paula Mae a Night at the Show (red), and Vine Maple (the delicious one that looks so autumnal).

I stayed within my budget, but now I'm wishing I had set a lower budget! I'm going to Missouri in two weeks on a girls' weekend with my mom and I'm sure there will be more yarn shopping!

That being said, I'm certainly doing my part to knit through some of my sock yarn. I finished these socks a few days ago and am wearing them today for the first time!

FO: Lacy Ribs socks

Yarn: Wullenstudio sock in Bad Moon Rising (a MDS&W purchase in 2008)
Pattern: Lacy Rib socks by Wendy Johnson
Rav details

I love how bright and cheerful they are. They fit me like a glove.

The following sock is on hiatus until I see my mom in two weeks so I can show her a heel turn:

WIP: a patriotic sock

The yarn is Online Supersocke Afrika and here's a Rav link.

And finally, I'm on the leg of this toe-up 2x2 rib sock ... hoping to finish it and get a good start on its mate for airplane knitting.

WIP: 2x2 rib sock

Yarn is Socks that Rock lightweight in Tricoter ... and I am loving how it's knitting up! (Rav link)

As I said, my mom is embarking on sock knitting and I could not be more excited for her. She is scooping up sock yarn at Webs left and right and girlfriend even bought herself a pair of Lantern Moon DPNs. She is NOT messing around. I hope she loves sock knitting as much as I think she will!


  1. I have an awful lot of yarn envy over that yellow stuff you got at the Festival! Don't bring it to Missouri unless you're bringing it to wave good-bye to!!!