Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sheep and Wool: the friends

I'm back from Maryland Sheep & Wool -- what a whirlwind, fun trip! (Also, hot and sweaty. Thanks, unpredictable spring weather!)

I made the trip with two of my Stitch n' Bitch gals, Lennis and Tiffany.

my roadtrip pals

I kept texting my flickr pal, Karen (choochooknits) and got to meet up with her and fellow flickr-er Yarny Old Kim!

It was so exciting to meet flickr friends! And then, later that night, we hung out some more at the Fiberspace after-party where we got a picture together:

flickr friends

It was so nice to get to know these girls better! We talked and talked and it felt like we had been friends for years.

Next post: the yarny spoils ...

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  1. It was so awesome meeting you in person! I had such a good time hanging with you & your stitch-n-bitch friends!