Monday, June 7, 2010

visiting Missouri

I'm home from Missouri! (Um, I've been home for a week.) The trip was fabulous -- it felt so luxurious to get to spend four days with my mama!

We visited the Arch (just the base of it -- rides to the top were sold out) ...

Gateway Arch

Best of all, we drove nearly four hours to Mansfield, Mo., to visit Rocky Ridge Farm, home to Laura Ingalls Wilder (for whom I am named)!

Rocky Ridge Farm

This was a trip my mom and I had talked about taking for many, many years. We talked about it as a high school graduation thing, but my dad lost his job around that time and it wasn't feasible. Then college came, and summer internships got in the way. Then I had a job. Then my granddad got sick last summer. But this year, we finally made it happen.

at Rocky Ridge Farm

We both teared up when we walked into the museum and saw Pa's fiddle, which featured so prominently in all her books. They had Mary's nine-patch quilt, which she made before she grew ill (with scarlet fever, I think) and became blind. They had countless "artifacts" (for lack of a better word) from her lifetime, including one of the tablets on which she wrote "On the Shores of Silver Lake." We got to see the very desk she wrote some of the books on, in her study. The house was lovely and I wish we had the opportunity to freely walk around the house and/or take photos indoors. Ah well. I will remember our trip always!

Oh yeah ... I might've taught my mom to knit a sock, too ...

Mom's first sock!

I am so proud!

(I'll be back soon with a yarn-y report.)

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