Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl Earl Earl

This hurricane is on my mind! I work at a newspaper so this is prime time for being busy. I picked up an OT shift Friday night.

I live in an area that is 'cushioned' by the Outer Banks, so we won't get a direct hit, just tropical-storm-force winds and rain sustained for about 20 hours straight. It will start as I'm at work this afternoon and won't let up till noon or so tomorrow. (Then I get to drive to work in the mess. Fun fun.)

I picked up some supplies at Walmart after work the other night, including this:

Bring it, Earl.

Now I'm ready to knit in the dark. Bring it, Earl!

1 comment:

  1. I just went thru a 36 hr power outage here in the 'Burgh. I kept thinking about your blog. I laughed when I first read it - then was wishing I had one. I will definitely look for one the next time I am in Walmart.