Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MDS&W recap!

I have been an absent blogger as of late, but I'm back with a fiber festival update! Maryland Sheep & Wool has come and gone, and once again, my pals Lennis, Tiffany and I made the trip from our corner of Virginia. This year we were joined by the lovely Caysie, a longtime friend of Tiffany's. I've gotten to know Caysie over the past few months on Twitter and was so so glad to meet her!

road trip pals!

We were SO EXCITED. The weather was wonderful (actually kind of chilly Saturday morning). We had lots of late-night knitting + laughs. Basically it was the perfect weekend.

At the festival, I got to meet up with my pal Kim, who I met for the first time last year. It was lovely to walk around with her and her pals for a while.

One of her pals is Steven, who made the most awesome hotpants. It was kinda fun to be with him when he got stopped for photos -- hee hee.

Steven + hotpants

Doesn't he rock those? He's got the legs for 'em! We hung out at a Twitter meetup for a little while, too, where I mostly felt shy about talking to strangers I don't know too well! But it was lovely to just sit and knit in the sun.

Saturday night was the MDS&W afterparty. It was a lovely affair, complete with a presentation by the authors of "The Fleece and Fiber Handbook."

Finally, here's a shot of our combined haul:

our combined haul

(I'll talk about my purchases in another post.)

And here's a link to all my photos from the weekend. I'm already counting the days to next year! (My mom said she really wants to make the trip next year. I am so so psyched that she could finally experience a Maryland Sheep & Wool!)

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