Wednesday, December 20, 2006

an Internetish revamping

It's that that time of year: my Internets clean-up!

1. I cleaned up my IM buddy list, deleting screen names I didn't know (and those of people I *do* know but haven't spoken with in more than a few years - sorry, many-a college newspaper buddy). I also ramped up security options - I've become a privacy freak as of late (and yet I've just started a blog. Go figure.)

2. I tightened MySpace security, making it a virtually impenetrable wall (or something).

Now, to answer your pressing questions:

Why start this? Sources say this InterWorld Wide Webs is gonna take off one of these days, so I'm getting in before it crashes. Plus, I've recently found out loads of people I know blog, so ... I'm feeling a bit more comfortable about it.

What to discuss? Yarn. Grammar. My adorable dog. See?

What not to discuss? Don't look for much controversy, except as it relates to why crocheters have no street cred.

1 comment:

  1. Um, speaking of crocheters' street credit (or deficit), does anyone know what this google logo from today means? Marsupial knitting day?