Thursday, December 21, 2006

sick ... but not so tired

I'm hoping tonight's dose of NyQuil doesn't have the same effect it did last night. I dreamed I was fighting zombies at a co-worker's house - the same co-worker who just hosted a lovely dessert party. I kept waking up, telling myself it was a dream and to fall back asleep thinking about the divine chocolate mousse from Sunday, but no. I'd fall asleep again and I was back to shooting zombies - they were the fast ones, too (more "28 Days Later" than "Land of the Dead" if you know your zombies), so I had to move really fast all the time. The most horrific sequence involved me hiding around the corner, and a zombie made a noise, so I jumped out and shot it - except it wasn't a zombie, it was a teenage girl I had never seen, and I saw her shocked reaction. I woke up in a cold sweat. It's been upsetting me all day.

Despite this, I still accomplished something: I watched no less than five hours of TV, including a tear-filled viewing of "The Notebook" with my roommate and three episodes of "Identity," which has my attention for at least a few weeks, until I get bored with it (or want to throw the remote at Penn Jillette's head. Whichever comes first.)

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