Thursday, February 21, 2008


I wish that in this post, I had mentioned where I would stash my gift certificate for a massage. I can't find it anywhere! I've turned the place upside down. Josh is going to call the place, purchase date in hand, and ask if they would grant us a reprieve and let me use the gift certificate without it being there. Perhaps they can just cancel the attached gift certificate or something. He had a lengthy conversation with the employee about my half marathon and the like, so maybe they'll remember him and have some pity. I'm just afraid it got lost in the shuffle of my roommate moving out and him moving in. If they aren't forgiving, he's going to reverse the charge. So I guess it will work out, but I will probably want to boycott the place from then on. Ha.

I really want to post about my trip and fun yarn adventures with my mom and my running woes (as of late) ... but I've got a busy morning ahead. Groceries then signing the lease. Woohoo!


  1. Hopefully they'll let you still use it without it being in your hand. :)

  2. Any chance you stuck it inside a book you were looking at? Maybe a knitting book??

  3. Doubtful. I've looked EVERYWHERE.