Thursday, February 7, 2008

I survived 10 miles!

I did it! Ten miles at a 15:30 pace. Slower than normal, but that's OK.

What's remarkable (to me, at least) is that I did it in my own neighborhood (which I usually reserve for runs no longer than five miles, which, I think in my mind, made me believe I wasn't physically capable of a longer run here. Up till now, I've done my long runs at a state park I really like.).

I did it on a five-mile loop that I repeated twice (I hate covering the same ground twice).

Biggest deal of all ... I ran into my apartment after the first five miles to use the bathroom and refill my water bottle and not ONCE did I think about stopping there. Last year, I always wants to slack on my runs and cut corners. I didn't do it!

It was a lovely day for a run, with temps in the mid-60s. I wore a wicking sleeveless shirt and I kept getting a nice breeze through the armholes, haha. I even ran into not one, not two, but three friends also out running. (I mean I was bound to see someone I knew, I was out there for about 2.5 hours, haha.)

I went out with my roommate and two friends for a yummy Bolivian meal at this place ... I had a burrito with pork chorizo and a yummy salad for a starter but I'm now plagued with a stomachache (too much food ... oof) and a migraine (I forgot to take some headache medicine before/after my run and now my head is pounding. I'm kicking myself.). Oh and of course stiff legs. I'm looking forward to sleep, and it's only 10 p.m. Five nights a week, I'm still at work for two more hours. Ha!

Oh yes and on the subject of food ... the pasta I cooked up ahead of my run? Not as good as I had hoped for. I think reheating pasta dishes is always a little hinky, especially when there is chicken in there and it doesn't heat up at the same rate. Something ends up gummy no matter what you do. Oh and I was so excited to try artichoke hearts ... I really thought I was going to love them, because I love old-school spinach and artichoke dip. But they were kind of oily and gross. I'm very disappointed.

And a quick knitting update ... I have no plans for tomorrow, so I'm hoping I get to the heel of my dad's second sock. I'll be seeing him in a week, I hope I'm on the foot by then!

dad's second sock in progress

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  1. Yahoo! 10 miles! Go Laura!!! Awesome job! Remember, it's not about speed, it's about finishing. (I need to keep telling myself that too!)