Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas knitting check-in

Hat for Dad? Check. Sorry it's a photo in progress.
Hat for brother? Check. And ditto on the progress shot.
Gift for mom? She's so special she gets two knitted gifts. One is done, one is halfway there. I'll only post a link to a sneak peek picture cuz she reads this!

As for stuff I haven't started ...
Hat for boyfriend? Nope. I'm holding back on this because his head is huge and will require some math to cast on. Dag. Also, we live together, so knitting this in private will be tricky.
Cowl for Bernadette (red yarn in this pic)? Nope. I'd better get on this. I'm not looking forward to knitting a cowl out of such thin sock yarn, to be honest. (It's Cherry Tree Hill.) I'll hold it double, but I still think it will take forever.
Cowl for Jamie (variegated yarn in this pic)? Nope. This is STR mediumweight, so at least it's a little thicker. She lives in NYC, so it can be a late gift.
Cowl for Lauren? No way. She lives in NJ, again, so it might be a gift for early next year!

I also decided I want to knit a gift for my aunt (the one who lives in the area). What else but a cowl? She likes pink, and I have some dusty pink Malabrigo in my stash, but I think I might look around for something a little more perfect. She wouldn't like variegated, so it would have to be a solid or semi-solid. And she's very fashionable so it's gotta look good. I love tricky yarn purchases - see my orange yarn shopping a few months back!

If I feel up to it later (I'm sore throat/chills/sniffly), I might visit a couple LYSes to browse for her. I had vowed not to buy yarn until my visit to Bloomin Yarns in Pittsburgh in two weeks, but I might want to cast on sooner.

So yeah. I've got a lot of knitting to do in the next month and a half!

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