Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hello again.

I'm back from my second trip to Ohio in two weeks. It was a lovely visit, full of yummy homemade meals and well-received presents and football and knitting. Now I can reveal some knitted gifts!

First up, my mom's Old Shale scarf:

FO: Old Shale scarf

FO: Old Shale scarf

Old Shale scarf

Rav link here.

I used a skein of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. It took me about a month, off and on, to finish this beauty. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and the colors are to die for. Noro, I can't wait to knit with you again.

I also knit my mom a cowl out of Koigu. There was a scary moment where I ran short on yarn, but thanks to Ravelry, I bought some more from someone else. Rav link.

Mom's Koigu cowl

I made my dad and brother mittens in their respective alma mater's colors (blue and gold and red and gray). I think they liked them:

mittens high-five!

Here are the Rav links for each project.

I know mittens aren't as useful as gloves but I hope they get some use out of 'em. I also made the boys basic watchmen caps - no real pattern. My dad wore his the rest of the week, woohoo!

Dad loves his hat!

My family exchanges ornaments each year, and I couldn't find a good one for my brother, so I knitted him a wee sock out of Koigu scraps.

FO: ornament for my brother

I got some yarn money to WEBS (already spent it!) and BMFA, a couple DVDs ("Wall-E" and "Sense and Sensibility"), money for new running shoes, and an awesome book from my brother. And, of course, my new camera from my honey.

Next post - a recap of my yarn purchases while in Ohio and a look back at my 2008 resolutions ...

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