Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a running fool ...

... and it feels great! Today was my long run - 8 miles - and it went swimmingly. The first mile or two, my quads felt really heavy, and they haven't felt like that before. But they loosened up, thank goodness.

Normally I do my runs in a big loop in order to avoid repeating turf. However, as my mileage has increased, I've had to do some ridiculous up-and-down running of street blocks to avoid doubling back. I decided today to switch it up and do an out-and-back routine, especially because 8 miles is a nice, easy number to cut in half. I was aiming to finish the first four miles in under an hour, and I did, with a time of 58:30 (a 14:38 minute/mile pace). And my goal was to finish it all in under two hours, and I did, with 57 seconds to spare (a 14:53 pace). The first six and a half miles were so easy, and I absolutely stuck to my routine of running 3 minutes and walking a minute. It got a little harder for the last mile and a half, so I interspersed the 3:1 run/walk with a 2:1 run/walk.

I felt so good I got a shower and immediately went to Target for a few things. Now I'm crashing and I think I'm home for the night, which is unfortunate, because I had wanted to go to SnB for the first time since November.

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