Monday, January 26, 2009

two FOs

FO: Old Shale scarf

Pattern: Old Shale Scarf (rav link to my project)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Burgundy (less than one skein, because I got frazzled by a huge knot with about 20% of the skein left and just cast off instead of untangling it!)
Knit between Dec. 18 and Jan. 21

FO: Old Shale scarf

This is my *final* Christmas gift. I know, it's kind of embarrassing. To be fair, I had many other things to make. I just heard from the recipient and she loves it. Yay!

Aaaand I finally finished something for myself! I stopped by my favorite LYS because, sadly, they are likely going out of business very soon. I picked up a beautiful skein of yarn and improvised some fingerless mitts:

FO: Handspunnish mitts

I am calling them "Handspunnish Mitts" because the yarn looks just like handspun.

Yarn: Mountain Colors River Twist (colorway: Firehole River)
Knit between Jan. 22 and 24

Handspunnish Mitts

This starts me off with one of my resolutions - knitting more for myself.

I'm wearing them at work when my fingers are cold. I thought I'd need them on my trip this week, but it's going to be 60+ degrees at Fort Benning, Georgia. (My brother graduates from basic training this week.) Yay for warm weather!

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  1. That scarf is gorgeous!! And I love the fingerless gloves (yay for knitting for you!).